New Research Chemical 4-Cl-PVP & Th- PBP

This substance was still new in the market. It is believed that this drug has similar effect as the designer drug which is α–pvp but until now there are still no legal research stating so. If you surf the web, there are only a few online vendor and information regarding this type of legal powder. However, it is legalized in some country such as USA and China. The substances in 4-Cl-PVP are similar with α–pvp which is a powerful stimulant and psychoactive substance with 99.7% purity. The usage of this legal powder is usually for achieving temporary feel of euphoria. Because of its rarity, many online vendors are trying to scam buyer by pretending to supply this legal powder with a high price and ship lower quality stuff for the buyer.

Many vendors are now racing to get their hand on this new legal powder since many people are intrigue with its effect and usage. Judging from its legality in some country, to BUY 4cl-pvp  FOR SALE  has been quite profitable. The usage of this drug is usually by oral. Put some under your tongue and you will slowly feel the effect. You will feel extremely euphoric tingling sensation throughout the entire body and it could be overwhelming if you take in high dosage. Another effect is that you will feel your whole body really energized, it’s usually useful when you want to do sports or activity that need a large amount of energy such as climbing or running. Please not that if you take too much of this legal powder, your body will be shaking like crazy because of the excessive energy in you. The effect will start from unstoppable jaw clenching until general lack of motor control.

IUPAC name[show]
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass265.78 g·mol−1

TH-PBP is also the same with α–pvp with it is known to be a weaker legal powder than α–pvp. In Sweden, according to their public health agency suggested this legal powder to be categorized as hazardous substances while in USA and China is categorized as Controlled Substance. If it’s weaker then why the legality is more tight than α–pvp or 4-cl-PVP? It’s because if you combined it with other substance could cause a fatal even deadly effect on the user body. Even though, TH, PBP is more popular against user because of its weaker effect for the user. So it is basically safe for a new user who is trying legal powder. Adding to it, so far there is no short term toxicity or harm potential by using this legal powder but there are no records about the long term since most of the user only use it in short term. There are side effects that could occur when using this drug such as vibrating vision, a state where your eyeballs spontaneously wiggle back and forth in rapid motion and dehydration, by using this legal powder, your heart rate will increase and making your body to dehydrate faster. There are some reported cases that the user suffers from water intoxication through over-drinking. Judging from its popularity, to BUY th-pbp  FOR SALE has been a trend among the user to gain extra cash and of course the cash is used to buy another legal powder.