Deschloroetizolam chemical

It is a new chemical formula that is available for scientists and chemical researchers to test.

Deschloroetizolam offers a number of advantages over similar products such as, Etizolam. Whilst resulting in a similar scale of allosteric modulation during experiments, Deschloroetizolam contains chemical ingredients which are longer lasting under typical lab conditions.

The full name of the chemical Deschloroetizolam is “2-ethyl-9-methyl-4-phenyl-6H-thieno[3,2-f][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]diazepine”.

Deschloroetizolam is an in-vitro Gaba receptor positive allosteric modulator. It’s the deschloro analogue of Etizolam – meaning that it is etizolam with the chlorine atom removed.

Please note: Deschloroetizolam is not approved for in-vivo research (use inside living organisms such as humans or animals). If it is mistakenly ingested then immediate medical attention should be sought. Adherence to standard laboratory safety standards is, as always, very important.

We are passionate about supplying our loyal customers with chemical research products in varying quantities – this is why we offer Deschloroetizolam pellets in a 12mg variety (we also offer 3mg and 6mg versions of this product). Etizolam has always been a more established research chemical in this area, but Deschloroetizolam has half the reaction strength combined with double the half life of etizolam. Because of these factors, Deschloroetizolam pellets offer chemists and researchers a number of different scientific opportunities in a laboratory. During our own initial testing, we have found that different concentrations (3mg, 6mg and 12mg) will suit different laboratory setups in terms of the level of reaction that can be observed.